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London Classics: St Paul’s Cathedral.


Vir Mueller Architects - Defence colony residences, New Delhi 2010. Via HIC.

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"Nest"for next month’s Coaster Show at La Luz de Gallery 


for next month’s Coaster Show at La Luz de Gallery 

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Dannii coming this week 19-08-2014 from NudeMuse on Vimeo.

What’s happen this week (starting 19th August 2014) at Nude-Muse Magazine?
Dannii will tell you about the models that are coming up this week as well as a peek at the the Nude-News.
All this and more only at

ANTHEM - By Kawehi (Off of my newest EP, Robot Heart) from Kawehi on Vimeo.

HAPPY MONDAY MOFOS!!!! As promised, here is a new music video for ANTHEM, the first single off of my latest release, Robot Heart. Every sound you hear on ANTHEM was created solely with my vocals - hence Paul’s idea behind the video:)

I realized after we finished recording the EP that all of the songs were about a Robot stealing peoples hearts and about questioning the worth of the human race as a whole. It was fucking depressing…which doesn’t usually bother me, but this time, I was thirsty for something positive. And thus came the idea of ANTHEM - as a reminder that yeah, we can be assholes at times – but as a race, we are in charge of our own lives – and ultimately we can make a difference in the lives of others through generosity and compassion.

I believe in you – you are the answer, you are the truth – so whatcha gonna do?

Get your copy of ANTHEM:
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Boom shaka-laka,

Nude News Preview 19-06-2014 from NudeMuse on Vimeo.

A preview video of the latest edition (19th June 2014) of the Nude-News for Nude-Muse Magazine. This week Celeste conducts a nude interview with Fiona Patten the Leader of the Australian Sex Party, Erin finds some controversial nude artists, and Dannii brings you sport. The Australian Sex Party needs your help by joining them if you like their policies and views. Go to
Members of Nude-Muse magazine will see the full uncut version at

Underwater Love from Ellit Magazine on Vimeo.

From the deepest dreams to the shallow sea waters, our Russian mermaid wakes up your spirit and inflame the fire within. The early hours of the day and the silky sun cascading the beautiful seas on her body soothingly makes you fall in love.

English Lessons from Turun Anikistit on Vimeo.

"English Lessons" is a animated English course which recycles the audio soundtrack from a 1970’s edition English language course. In eight lessons one can learn, in addition to the English language, important things about studying, dynamics between the sexes and money. This film is not suitable for children.

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Jardin des Tuileries Paris 1952 
Photo: Patrice Molinard 


Jardin des Tuileries Paris 1952 

Photo: Patrice Molinard 

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Plasterwork from Nomad Inception on Vimeo.

Machining a complex plaster piece with an Islamic design.